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Alternative / Performance Based Solutions​

Code Fire Safety can help you with compliance solutions, customised to your design requirements

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All buildings are unique in the way that they are designed and constructed. 

With the advent of continually evolving building designs, Alternative Solutions (also referred to as Performance Solutions) are an essential method of complying with the performance requirements of the BCA, particularly where satisfying the prescriptive deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the BCA is considered to be unreasonable, unnecessary or unfeasible.

Our Fire Safety Engineering services provide full consultation services with the project stakeholders, including the local Council and emergency services to ensure that there are no surprises at the end of the project.

Common alternative (performance based) solutions in Fire Safety Engineering include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Excessive egress travel distances
  • Discharge from fire isolated exits
  • Reduced egress widths
  • Extended smoke corridors
  • Egress tenability strategies (CFD modelling)
  • Reduction in fire resistance levels (FRL)
  • Compartmentation provisions
  • Provisions relating to large isolated buildings
  • Provisions relating to high-rise buildings
  • Fire hydrant system alterations
  • Fire hose reel system provisions
  • Fire sprinkler system alterations
  • Exit signage provisions
  • Vehicular access provisions
  • Smoke hazard management provisions
  • Provisions relating to unprotected window and door openings

Our Service to You


Our vast experience in the fire safety and protection industry will provide you with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to past, present and future code requirements.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality fire engineering services in NSW & QLD.

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